By outsourcing your billing and collections to RCM Synergy, you will be assured of high quality accounting services, timely charge posting, prompt collections and detailed monthly analytics.

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1. Admission & Registration - Capture of Demographics

2. Insurance Verification & Eligibility Screening

3. Charge Capture

4. Billing & Coding

5. Follow-up

6. Accounts Receivable Analysis & Reporting

7. Performance Improvement Feedback

8. Customer Service


RCM Synergy provides revenue cycle consulting, management and operational resources to help optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of clients' medical billing and collections. Through dynamic analytics we help our clients identify and prioritize operational improvement initiatives to enhance bottom-line results.

For every client, our goal is to establish a high-functioning revenue cycle operation internal to the client or through supplementing the client's resources with our own revenue cycle support structure.


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Our passion, expertise and focus is on helping to maintain the viability of rural hospitals navigating the challenges of an uncertain and ever-changing healthcare landscape. Rules, Regulations and Payer Guidelines have made it increasingly difficult for providers to get paid appropriately for the work they perform. This administrative burden typically results in a two-fold impact of an increased cost-to- collect and diminishing realization of collections from legitimate claims.

Our goals are to decrease our clients cost-to-collect while at the same time partnering to drive revenue growth. We offer an array of services tailored to fit our clients’ needs ranging from consulting to full-service revenue cycle management.

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